How to eat healthy on a budget

Surprisingly natural clean foods like fruits and vegetables are actually a hell of a lot cheaper than processed foods, who would have thought!  If you start to prepare you own meals you will actually be savings yourself money, don’t worry you don’t actually need to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen, eating clean is actually easier than adding crap into your meals!

When shopping stay to the outer area of the supermarket as this is where all the fresh produce will be, the inner area is full of all the processed foods that we must stay away from.  Look for generic brands not the known brands as the generic brands will be significantly less expensive.  The generic brands tend to be located at the bottom of the self so make sure you are checking below for these items.  If you can buy in bulk or if you can buy sale items, go for it, this includes all your proteins as you can easily freeze these items.

Look to buy produce that is in season, as it will be cheaper. If you are purchasing produce that is out of season you will notice your grocery bill getting more expensive, this is an easy way to cut back on costs.  Frozen vegetables are fine as they have the exact same nutritional quality as the fresh option, when choosing the frozen option just make sure there are no extra additives i.e. sugar, salt, look for only the actual vegetable in the ingredient list.  Going frozen with vegetables can help you save as the generic brand is often $1 – $2 less expensive than the known brand.

Here are some easy options to think about when in the supermarket:

  • Look for lean meats that are on sale.
  • Buy all protein in bulk and freeze what you aren’t going to use in the immediate 24 – 48 hours
  • Purchase 90% lean meat as this will help you save money.
  • Do not buy pre prepared meals, they may look convenient but they are only going to end up costing you more money.
  • Don’t buy packaged drinks, only drink water.
  • Always make sure you have eggs in the fridge as they are inexpensive and very easy to use in many different ways.
  • Purchase fresh fish or use the canned version if you really want to save. If you are using can version make sure it is in spring water, not flavoured.
  • Consume brown rice and not white rice, purchase in bulk, as brown rice is a great staple to most meals.
  • Always write a list, so you are prepared with what you need to buy before you enter the supermarket.
  • Purchase 100% Rye bread, with no added wheat flour, spelt flour or sourdough flour.
  • Purchase large containers of products i.e. large container of greek yoghurt, as they will last longer and in turn you will be saving money.

Here is an easy shopping list to use as a guide, as these are all clean healthy foods that actual won’t break the budget:

Spinach and mixed greens

  •         Bok choy
  •         Avocado
  •         Carrot
  •        Celery
  •         Quinoa
  •         Buckwheat
  •         Apples
  •         100% peanut butter
  •         Lentils
  •         Oats
  •         Hummus
  •         Unsweetened Almond Milk
  •         Lemons
  •         Turkey
  •         Chicken
  •         Salmon
  •         Raw nut mix
  •         Cinnamon
  •         85% Dark chocolate

If you take your time to do your grocery shopping and think about what you are buying then you will be able to save money and eat clean.  Remember never go to the supermarket hungry, as you are only going to want to buy everything naughty in sight!

L x

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