Sugar: How it is really affecting your weight

We all love it, well I know I do, sugar, that yummy white substance that gives a little buzz. Unfortunately this little white substance is making us fat! Yep, fat! I wish it wasn’t true, but sugar is the most likely number one reason why you are not losing weight, or why you keep putting on weight.

I cut added sugar from diet about 4 months ago, now I find if I eat sugar I want to be sick, my body wants it out and wants it out quick.  I would have to say this is one of the best things I have done, as I no longer have those sugar highs or lows, which I am sure most of you are familiar with.  I still eat sugar, but only in the form of natural sugar from fruits or honey.  I even stopped consuming milk containing lactose, lactose being the sugar in milk, which of a lot of us are already intolerant to.  From consuming lactose free milk or unsweetened almond milk (my preferred choice) I have found that I am less bloated, as our digestive systems often cannot process lactose properly, hence the bloated feeling after your morning coffee or muesli.

From not consuming sugar, I have lost weight around my abdomen area and hip area; I guess you could say that sugar is to blame for the dreaded “muffin top”?  I would actually agree with this, as we generally store bad fat being visceral fat around our abdomen area which can play havoc with our metabolism.  There actually is one good thing about visceral fat; yep visceral fat can easily be removed by eating the correct foods, taking part in an exercise program and most of all visceral fat will start to disappear if you quit sugar!  I have had friends who used to eat a block of chocolate a night and wonder why they couldn’t get rid of fat in their abdomen area, only to stop consuming a block of chocolate a night and within a month suddenly have their waist re-appear! Surprising! Well not really, sugar is a harmful toxin that has absolutely no nutritional benefit.

Cutting sugar from your diet may seem daunting for some of you, but once you get through the initial “detox” stage you will notice a vast improvement on the way you feel each day, no headaches, not foggy mind, just a clearer happier you.

The first step is to cut out all foods you are consuming with added sugar i.e. soft drink, confectionery  milk or white chocolate (85% dark chocolate is okay in moderation i.e. 2 – 3 squares per day), any processed foods and packaged foods (check the ingredients label for added sugar and/or sweeteners).

Cut out the above and make sure you are eating a balanced clean breakfast each day, as this will help with any sugar cravings you may have during the day.  Don’t stress, if you’re having berries on your muesli, this is okay as berries are a fruit which actually contain less sugar than say a banana.  Fruit in general I feel is okay as it is a natural sugar and as long as you are consuming fruit in moderation it won’t hurt you at all, i.e. berries on your muesli, berries in your protein shake, a banana pre or post workout.  Don’t consume more than 1 – 2 pieces of fruit per day, if you must eat it.

There are so many reports and facts to back up how bad sugar really is.  I will share some of these with you all in the coming weeks, as sugar is such a bad toxin that we should all have the right to be informed on how harmful it actually is.

Good luck

L x

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4 thoughts on “Sugar: How it is really affecting your weight

  1. I am totally 100% agreeing with u on this.. From being not a big woman to now being quite plump now over the last few months, I decided I really hate looking and feeling the way I do and for the past week have cut out sugar from my daily eating and i can say now that I already feel more energetic, I am jogging, asthma already getting better and i have already lost about 600gms in the last 4 days and just over 1cm from various parts of my body… People really need to be informed about this stuff and take notice.. australia is becoming a fat country, we all need to pitch in to change this, and it all starts with healthier eating. Finding healthier alternatives to the food we r already eating.. the help and info is out there if u look hard enough..

  2. I have gained weight since being unable to exercise due to a severe back injury. I feel so ashamed over my appearance that I hate to leave the house, my partner being the loving man he is has been bringing me home sweets which I eat then feel guilty so I eat some more to make myself feel better. I suffer headaches regularly and now wonder if they are connected to sugar and not my injury. I feel so positive in my mind after reading your sugar article and Alizas comments that I can get this weight off, My only questions are how long will I suffer withdrawals, and what are the symptoms. Also should I go cold turkey or cut back bit by bit over a week? Im so excited to think I can do something to improve my health in body and mind…THANK YOU…Kimmy

    • Hi Kimmy, please never feel ashamed of yourself we are all beautiful.
      Unfortunately sugar is one of the number one reason why we put on weight and can’t loose weight. Cut out all added sugar, you may experience headaches during the initial “detox” stage, as your body is trying to remove all toxins, but once you are past this stage you will start to feel so much better. We a clean diet and no sugar you will start to see the weight drop off. Good luck L x

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