Clean Mexican Chicken Salad

You might start to soon realize that I LOVE Mexican food, it is so yummy that I could actually eat it every day.  What is great about Mexican food is that you can make it at home in absolutely no time and you can make it 100% clean with all the same flavor sensations.

I have eaten a similar salad to my version of this one out at a restaurant, and I truly believe that there is a ton more flavor in my home made version.  Here it is for you:

Chicken breast
Black beans, drained
Chopped cabbage
Chopped coriander
Mixed lettuce leaves
Corn kernels
Baby peas
Coconut oil
Flaxseed oil

1. Cook the Quinoa as per the instructions on your packet
2. While the Quinoa is cooking start to cut up your chicken breast into small pieces
3. Heat a grill pan using coconut oil, once heated grill the chicken to your desired liking
4. Once the Quinoa is cooked, set a side to cool
5. Once the Quinoa is cooled, combine all ingredients into a large bowl (except the lemon, lime & flaxseed oil)
6. Dress the salad with the lime, lemon and flaxseed oil to your desired taste


L x

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