Insane circuit workout

Okay, so I was at the gym this morning with my trainer, who is amazing and helps push me through those mental pain barriers.  Anyway, she was reading to me what we were going to do today, and as she read the workout out, I was thinking “this sounds like a piece of cake, easy as”.  Well I was wrong, it was possible one of the hardest things I had done in awhile besides doing 50kg (110 lbs) dead lifts.

Here is what the circuit includes:

1km  (0.62mi) Sprint on the treadmil as fast as you can
1km  (0.62mi) Bike ride (resistance should be challenging)
500m on the rowing machine
50 push ups
50 burpees
50 body weight squats
50 TRX  back rows
200 battle rope alternating waves (arms together)
To be completed in you own chosen order (i.e 500m run, 20 push ups, 500m bike ride, 25 push ups, 500m run etc)  the total reps/distance for each exercise and  must be completed within 20 – 25 minutes with 10 – 20 second rest between each set

You are probably reading the above and thinking exactly what I am thinking, “how easy does that sound”!  Well I challenge you all to complete the above and please let me know how you felt afterwards?  If anything like me, I wanted to throw up after my second 500m run, seriously regretting not doing the whole 1km at once!

Here is a how to on some of the exercises that you might not be familiar with:

Battle rope alternating waves

  1. Hold both ends of the rope, one in each hand. Grip each end on the top side of the rope.
  2. With your arms slightly bent at the elbow, keep both of your arms together
  3. Slam the rope downward using both arms then up again in a wave motion
  4. Repeat this motion, while keeping your back straight.

TRX back rows

  1. Move your feet forward so that your body becomes more horizontal.
  2. Cross your feet so that your base of support is smaller.
  3. Lift your self up into a half standing position, then move back to the staring position
  4. The further away your feet are, the harder the exercise will be 

Good luck

L x

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