Think your way Slim

If your anything like me at some point you have had your mind take complete control over your ability to control what you are really wanting to achieve. This can be anything from finishing a 5km run, pushing through to complete a heavy weights session, not saving enough money, getting yourself into debt, not been able to achieve your health and weight loss goals.

We have all unfortunately been in this situation and controlling our thoughts can sometimes be a very hard thing to do. I have really struggled with this, especially when it comes to keeping on track with my fitness and eating goals. I have let my mind takeover in my weak moments of not feeling the best and I usually will give in to temptation, by either eating sugar, eating too much, consuming way too much alcohol, not exercising (for no reason at all than I can’t be bothered) or giving up halfway through a run.

I have battled with my mind on finding the right equation on weight loss and fitness for years until I came to the realisation that I need to stop over thinking everything and to stop putting negative thoughts into my head. I realised that if I was stop and put positive thoughts into my head at the start of the day or at the start/during a hard work out, I began to realise that I can really achieve my goals. I can achieve my dreams by putting positive thoughts into my head, as the more positive and relaxed I became about my weight loss and fitness goals I suddenly started to achieve my goals. I will tell you, it starts to really feel amazing when you start to see results and to know that you did this on your own with the power of your mind.

I am going to give you a few simply steps to follow, a few simple steps by changing your mindset, that if you put in to place, I can guarantee that you will start to “Think you way Slim” and see the results that you have always deserved.

Changing your mindset to “Think your way Slim”:
Step 1: Deal with your weight and health issues by writing them all down (this will help you ascertain what is currently holding your mind back)
Step 2: List everything you need to do to be able to realistically achieve your goals
Step 3: Set up a timeline of weekly goals i.e. week 1 loose 1kg, or cut out sugar or alcohol
Step 4: Create mini rewards once you have completed each weekly goal i.e. a day off exercise or enjoy a glass of red wine with dinner
Step 5: Initiate the process of “Thinking your way Slim” by following everything you promised your self you would do
Step 6: Let yourself be in a space where being happy and healthy loves you and wants to take care of you

Other important things to always remember:
1. Challenge and increase your comfort level
2. Stop repeating your bad and negative mindset pattern
3. At any stage if you come across negative thoughts, write then down and deal with them
4. Deal with your fears and not care what anyone else might think
5. Tell the universe that you deserve to loose weight, that you are ready to be the best version of yourself

Here is the final and most important step!
Every morning when you wake up or when you are having a difficult moment either during your workout or when you feel like reaching for a chocolate bar say out loud “I deserve to achieve my weight loss goals and it’s my turn to shine”

Say it again “I deserve to achieve my weight loss goals and it’s my turn to shine”

Good luck to you all and never forget you really can do what you dream of, by simply thinking positive and letting yourself be amazing.

L x

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4 thoughts on “Think your way Slim

  1. I really like your post it hit home with me on every level. I’m struggling to get back to my former fitter self wish really isn’t that far away about another 5-6kg less and a ability to run for 10km again. I’m going take everything you suggested into account and hopefully will be able to progress with my fittness and weight loss goals. It’s mine time to shine.

  2. What an inspiring post! I feel I’m currently in a phase where my fitness and weight loss has plateaued and it has made me lose a little confidence. Reading this has encouraged me to keep on track and to not give up. Thanks 🙂

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